Laje Pavimento Comercial – Av. Paulista

Corporate set of high standard and functional commercial occupancy, on Av. Paulista, with a total private area of ​​845 m², 6 social access elevators, 7 exclusive parking spaces, complete facilities with non-Central (Self) air conditioning system with distribution, kitchen, 8 bathrooms and 22 independent rooms, of which two are large for meetings and another for information technology (installed server will be maintained), as well as a studio with a refined acoustic system for recording videos/programs.

Approximate monthly values ​​(base 2021):

Floor monthly property tax: R$ 5,400.00 (10x)
IPTU parking spaces: R$ 605.00
Condominium: BRL 6,900.00
Sale Value: BRL 6,500,000.00


The information and descriptions of this ad were collected from the owner of the property offered, and any inconsistency or omission of information regarding its characteristics, condition, size and other information that may cause damages to third parties is under its sole responsibility. intermediary exempt from liability of any kind. Including in what involves values ​​of IPTU’s and condominiums.